Current Showings

Hotel Congress / Cup Cafe - Tucson, AZ - "A(r)T Your Service - January 13th - March 10th

Borderlands Brewery 

contact:  joeshaus@gmail.com


As a young child I was taught that the greatest gift a person could possess is the imagination. Sharing mine with others is a way of returning that gift to the world. Everyday I strive to push myself to the limits of my creativity so that I can create a world that is much like our own, but also different in many ways. Inventing that world and moment in time is only where the story of each piece of art begins. I leave it to my audience to let their mind and experiences create their own narrative for the piece. Their imagination is ultimately what drives the piece as mine creates the world for theirs to wander. I can truly say that it is so gratifying to watch my work enable their artistic powers and originality. 

My work has seen many changes throughout the years. Some have compared my work to urban art, while others have compared it to surreal art. There really is no definition in the type of art I do. It is neither realist nor abstract. It is not really urban art or surrealistic. It is about creating a state of mind where people can utilize their uniqueness to alter that world. 

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Wet Paint Art Supply and Gallery- Tempe, AZ, 2002-06
Kontrive Gallery- Tempe, AZ, 2003
Mills End Coffee Shop- Tempe, AZ, 2005
Grilled Expedition- Tempe, AZ, 2005-06
Zoe's Boutique- Tucson, AZ- Local Male Artist Show, 2007
Che's Lounge- Tucson, AZ, 2007
Hotel Congress- Tucson, AZ- "Not Just A Job",Dec. 5th- Jan. 20th, 2007-08
Dapper Grooming Lounge- Tucson, AZ, 2008
Pure Skin Boutique- Mesa, AZ, 2008
Razors Edge Clothing Boutique- Tucson, AZ, 2008
Hotel Congress- Tucson, AZ- "A(r)T Your Service" Dec. 5th- Jan. 20th, 2008-09
Zoe's Boutique- Tucson, AZ- Holiday Art Exhibit, Dec. 6th- Feb. 15th, 2008-09

Dinnerware Gallery- Tucson, AZ- Erotic Art Show, May 1st- 31st, 2010

Hotel Congress- Tucson, AZ- "A(r)T Your Service" Dec. 5th- Jan. 20th, 2009-10

Hotel Congress- Tucson, AZ- "A(r)T Your Service" Dec. 5th- Jan. 20th, 2010-11

Sunstreet Gallery- Tucson, AZ- "Subsequent Quondam" (solo show) April 1st- 15th, 2010

Hotel Congress- Tucson, AZ- "A(r)T Your Service" Dec. 5th - Jan. 20th, 2011-12

The Parish, Tucson AZ - "Aliment & Artwork" (solo show) Dec. 1st- Jan. 1st, 2012-13

Hotel Congress - Tucson, AZ- "A(r)T Your Service" Dec. 3rd - Jan. 20th, 2012-13

Hotel Congress - Tucson, AZ- "HOCO Summer Art & Music Fest" (live painting/showing)- August, 2013

Hotel Congress - Tucson, AZ- "A(r)T Your Service" Dec. 2nd, 2013 - Jan. 6th, 2014


​Che's Lounge: Tucson, 2015

Hotel Congress - Tucson, AZ - "A(r)T Your Service" (live painting/showing)- July-Sept., 2015